Meet Snuggles and Rocky

The Jack Russell Terrier is a lively, independent, and clever little dog. They’re charming and affectionate, but they’re also a handful to train and manage. For experienced dog parents only! Meet ours:


  • Pet Peeve: Loud Voices
  • Owner: Susanna Kelham
  • Favorite Food: Whipped cream off the beaters
  • Favorite Toy: Donald Trump Doll
  • Favorite Pastime: Sitting on Your Lap
  • Naughtiest Deed: Eating the fringe on an extremely expensive oriental rug
  • Obsession: Watching Jasper the Dog on Fox News


  • Pet Peeve: The word, “NO”
  • Owner: Susanna Kelham
  • Obsession: Watching Dr. Pol on TV
  • Favorite Food: Anything Susanna Cooks
  • Favorite Toy: Hillary Clinton Doll
  • Favorite Pastime: Getting Love
  • Naughtiest Deed: Destroying his favorite toy
  • Obsession: Watching Jasper the Dog on Fox News